Ashley County, Arkansas


Why did my taxes go up if everything is the same from last year?
If the value and/or millage have increased since the prior year, the current tax bill will be higher. (Tax is calculated by multiplying the value times the millage.)

Why did my property value increase?
Please contact the Assessor’s Office. 870-853-2060

Why did my bill go up if I turned 65 last year and got a freeze on my taxes?
Amendment 79 puts a freeze on only the assessed value and not the millage. If the millage goes up, the tax bill will go up also.

Do I still owe taxes if I sold my home, divorced, or moved out of Ashley county?
A personal property tax bill is created from anything that is assessed between January 1st – May 31st of the last calendar year. If a couple was married and assessed together but divorced during the year, they are still responsible for the combined tax bill. A real estate tax bill is created from the owner on record as of January 1st. If a property was sold during the year, closing documents will explain the responsibility of the buyer and the seller concerning the tax bill.

How do I apply for homestead credits?
Forms are available online (insert pdf to download) or at the Assessor’s Office in Hamburg or Crossett (located inside the Crossett Revenue office).

What is VA exemption?
In order to be exempt from taxes, a DAV form letter 20-5454 (insert pdf to download) should have been on file in the Collector’s office on or before January 31st. To qualify for a VA exemption, call the VA office in Little Rock and request form 20-5454.

What is the collection procedure?
Personal property must be paid before Real Estate Taxes.  Real Estate that is paid by a mortgage company does not have to be paid with Personal Property Tax. The Collector’s office will not accept current payments before delinquent payments.

How are my property taxes spent?Where can I get a list of the foreclosure sales?

What is needed to bid at a commissioner’s sale?

If paying in full the day of the sale:  a check in the full amount of the bid.
If paying 10% down the day of the sale*:

  • A letter of credit from a loaning institution stating an adequate line of credit for the remaining 90% of balance
  • A bond to the court for the remaining 90% balance to be paid within a court-designated time period
  • All sales not paid in full the day of the sale bear interest at the court-set rate (i.e., 10% per annum)
  • This letter needs to be given to the Commissioner prior to the sale unless otherwise stated in notice.

Can I pay with a personal check on commissioner sale?
Yes. However, the Commissioner reserves the right to request a cashier’s check for payment.

Where do I pick up the paperwork to file for a divorce?

  • The Ashley County Circuit Clerk’s Office does not provide forms to file for divorce.
  • The Office of the Circuit Clerk is prohibited by law from giving legal advice.
  • A site that does offer help is:

Where do I file my notary information?
Notary information is filed in the Circuit Clerk’s Office. For more information on becoming a Notary Public, see the Arkansas Secretary of State’s web site.

How do I get a passport?
Passport applications are located in the Circuit Clerk’s Office.

See the fee schedule for information on cost and what to bring when you apply for a passport. You may also wish to visit the Passport Services Office for further details and a copy of the passport application.

If you need a copy of your birth certificate for your passport application and were born in Arkansas, contact the Arkansas Division of Vital Records 1-800-661-2000. If you were born in another state, contact the government offices for the county or state in which you were born.

Can I get a copy of my marriage license?
Marriage licenses are located in the County Clerk’s Office.  Call 870-853-2020 for additional information.

Can I get a copy of my birth certificate?
Birth certificates are kept at the Bureau of Vital Records in Little Rock.  For births outside Arkansas, contact the government offices of the state of birth.

Where do I get a power of attorney (POA)?
POA’s are generally prepared by an attorney.  Once issued, it needs to be filed in the Circuit Clerk’s Office.

How do I pay my ticket or change my court date for a misdemeanor?
Contact the appropriate District Court for misdemeanors. This information may be found on the issued ticket.
Note:  Circuit Court is for felony cases or appeals that have been sent up from District court.

What are the filing fees to record a document?
Filing fees are set by State Law; please see Filing Fees on the Circuit Clerk and County Clerk’s web pages.

Is there an extra fee for documents that do not meet requirements?
According to state law, documents failing to meet requirements may be denied. The Clerk’s Office returns the document with an explanation attached. If the recorder waives the requirements of 14-15-402-(b) (1) for good cause, an additional fee of $25.00 will be required. 

How do I file a materialman’s lien?
Please note the Circuit Clerk is prohibited by law from giving legal advice and does not provide materialman’s lien forms nor instruct on document preparation.

To record the materilman’s lien, bring the following the Circuit Clerk’s office:

  • The prepared and notarized document
  • Proof the person upon whom you are placing the lien has been notified (i.e., certified mail receipt)
  • Recording fee of $15.00 for the first page and $5.00 for each additional page

What are the office hours for recording?  Is the office open during lunch?
The office is open 8 am to 4:30 pm and does not close for lunch. However, for operational efficiency recording ends at 4:00 pm; remaining records will be processed on the following business day.

Who should I inform about late payments?
For late or delinquent payments, contact the Ashley County Sheriff’s Office.
Ashley County Sheriff:  870-853-2040

I would like to modify the terms of my sentence.  Who do I contact to request lower payments in exchange for community service/time served?
Only a court order signed by the judge can modify terms.  The office of the Circuit Clerk is prohibited by law from giving legal advice.

What forms of payment does the Circuit Clerk’s Office accept?
The Ashley County Circuit Clerk’s Office (including the Juvenile Divison) only accepts cash and cash equivalents at this time:

  • Cash
  • Checks are accepted. Please make checks payable to Ashley County Circuit Clerk
  • Money order
  • Cashier’s check

How do I start child support ordered by the court?
A party to the case should contact the office to set it up. 

I receive child support from the Clearinghouse in Little Rock. Can your office help?
No, the Circuit Clerk’s office is unable to assist.  Additional information on assistance is available through the Child Support Clearinghouse and the local Child Support Enforcement Office. (Get phone numbers for these)

I have recently moved and need to inform the Child Support Office.  Can I do so over the telephone?
No, all address changes must be in person or in writing and faxed to the Child Support Office. We are unable to do this by phone for security reasons.

Can I access and view my child’s Juvenile Division file?
No, access to Juvenile Division files is strictly confidential. Only the attorney for record and authorized staff can look at the file, unless otherwise ordered by the Judge.

Where can I find the required cover sheets for new case filings under the Civil, Domestic Relations or Juvenile divisions of Arkansas Circuit Court?
Download the required Arkansas Circuit Court Civil, Domestic Relations or Juvenile cover sheets or go to the  See also:  child support confidential information sheet.

Who do I contact for State of Arkansas Judgments?
The Circuit Clerk’s office files the judgments for record, but if you have questions regarding your payment, you need to contact the Department of Finance at 501-682-5000 or

Who do I contact for Federal tax liens?
The Circuit Clerk’s Office files the liens for record, but if you have questions regarding your payment, you need to contact the IRS at 800-829-1040 or

Does the Circuit Clerk’s Office have blank forms (Deeds, Mortgages, etc)?
We do not provide any legal forms for deeds, mortgages, etc. You must contact an attorney, title co., or if you know how to fill out the forms yourself, many supply stores carry them.


Real Estate and Property Taxes

Property taxes in Arkansas are classified as real and personal. Real property taxes are levied on real estate,such as land, homes, other buildings,and on additions to their properties. Personal property taxes are levied on automobiles, boats,trailers,and farm equipment etc.

Between January 1and May 31 of each year,it is the responsibility of Arkansas property owners to list and value all their personal property in the County and School District where the property is located. Property assessed after May 31,unless acquired after that date,is subject to a delinquency penalty of 10-percent. Any property newly acquired between January 1and May 31 must be assessed by May 31.

Real and personal property taxes become payable the first business day in March the year after assessment and are delinquent after October 10 of that year. There is a 10-percent penalty for delinquent taxes, plus interest on real estate . If you do not receive a tax notice by March 15th or have any questions ,call the County Collecto r's office at (870) 853-2050.

Real and personal property may be assessed Monday through Friday at the County Assessor's office, Ash ley County Courthouse, 205 E Jefferson, Hamburg or the Assessor's Office located inside the Crossett Revenue Office,Main Street,Crossett.

State Income Tax
The deadline for filing Arkansas State income tax returns is May 15th.