Ashley County, Arkansas


Crossett District Court

Judge Billy J Hubbell
PO Box 574
Crossett, AR  71635
Phone (870) 364-6114
Fax (866) 755-9068

Court Clerks:
Tami Jordan

Hamburg District Court
Judge Reid Harrod, Jr.
PO Box 72
Hamburg, AR  71646
Phone (870) 853-8326
Fax (870)853-5433

Court Clerks:
Norma Hales

Ashley County has 11 members who are called justices of the peace and are elected for 2 year terms from districts within the County. 
Ashley County’s Quorum Court meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2:30 p.m. in the EH Kitchen in the Ashley County Courthouse Annex.  Special and committee meetings are called as needed. 

The quorum court may exercise the following powers, but not limited to: (A) the levy of taxes in manner prescribed by law; (B) appropriate public funds for the expenses of the county in a manner prescribed by ordinance; (C) preserve the peace and order and secure freedom from dangerous or noxious activities; provided, however, that no act may be declared a felony; (D) for any public purpose, contract, or join with another county, or with any political subdivision or with the United States; (E) create, consolidate, separate, revise, or abandon any elected office or offices except during the term thereof; provided, however, that a majority of those voting on the question at a general election have approved said action; (F) fix the number and compensation of deputies and county employees; (G) fix the compensation of each county officer with a minimum and maximum to be determined by law; (H) fill vacancies in elected county offices; (I) provide for any service or performance of any function relating to county affairs; (J) to exercise other powers, not inconsistent with law, necessary for effective administration of authorized services and function (A.C.A. 14-14-801).


Title Photo Name Phone Email
JP-District #1   Corliss McCain 870-473-2677 Email
JP-District #2   Buddy Lawrence 870-737-2785 Email
JP-District #3   Danny Wade Rice 870-853-6175 Email
JP-District #4   Billy D Akers 870-853-2492 Email
JP-District #5   Bob Barnes 870-853-8288 Email
JP-District #6   Jeff Langley 870-364-6202 Email
JP-District #7   Ben White 870-515-6068  
JP-District #8   Ricky D. Simms 870-364-8903  
JP-District #9   Bob Rush 870-500-9050  
JP-District #10   Ronnie Wheeler 870-364-4780 Email
JP-District #11   Frank W Rawls 870-364-5706 Email